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Chinese  Herbs
Chinese Herbal medicine is a component of Traditional Chinese medicine. It's written use can be traced back over 2,500 years, and it's actual use stretches farther back even still. TCM herbal medicine is pragmatic. Many of the formulas have been in use, very little changed in the individual components, for over a thousand years. 

In Chinese history, if a herbalist had a patient who failed to get well, not only were they not paid for the work done, but also if the patient died, the family could claim the life of the practitioner in retaliation. Thus, what didn't work was thrown out of the medicine. What works has stood the test of time, and has come down to us as a cohesive, practical medicine. 

The herbal formulas are balanced and thoughtful. Diagnosis by tongue, pulse, and interview is an integral part of choosing the right herbal formula to re-establish balance in the body system. 

Dancing Crane Healing Center uses time-honored formulas, some little changed from their original proportions.  Catering to the western palate, we carry TCM patent formulas, or pills, rather than raw herb formulas. What we offer has been tested for heavy metals, other contaminants, and contains no threatened or endangered animals or plants.

Always a high energy person, I noticed that I seemed
to be sleeping a lot more and waking with no energy.
The herbs you gave me, I thought, were going to give me more get up and go. Instead, I started sleeping like 
a baby,  and then  waking up rested and relaxed. 
Stamina is what I am experiencing now.  Pure stamina. 
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