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Sound  Healing
A Sound Healing session at Dancing Crane Healing Center incorporates precision calibrated tuning forks applied to specific acupuncture points, to access the Meridian and Chakra energy systems, as well as Tibetan bowls, bells,  gongs  and the Yidaki, Didgeridoo,  to energetically balance the bodies' subtle fields. 
The system of sound healing used is one developed by Donna Cary, MS, LAc, and Marjorie de Muynck, LMP at the Kairos Institute.  Using both Acutonics and Harmonic Attunement™,  this system incorporates Oriental Medical models and worldview sound concepts from ancient and diverse cultures.

It is an energetic system, which incorporates the theories of harmonics and paradigms of the inter-connectivity of heaven, earth, and the human selves.  The resonance of sound supports and nourishes on a deep and profound level, and can bring a release of old patterns which can lead to a realignment and inner balance. 


Each time I experience Sound Healing with Liz,my 
body feels nourished beyond words and my soul 
remembers joy!  Sound Healing is a gentle way to 
embrace the body's memory of the ability to self heal
in the image of it's own wholeness..............Llynya
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